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About Us

Compare Invest is a company that:

  • Provides you with sensible financial strategies that you agree with
  • Brings you up to date property knowledge, to match your personal situation with the current market cycle
  • Connects successful investors with profitable developments
  • Will ensure you have optimal structures that best suit your specific situation
  • Can take the leg work and stress out of buying your own home by engaging their expert Buyers Agents
  • Connects you to an independent team of Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers, Estate Planners, Lawyers, Tax Accountants, Architects, Town Planners, and more

Providing you with one place for honest, ethical and collaborative guidance.


Making sure that your team of professionals are all on the same page.

The business was founded with a view to provide an independent process not tied to any developer, builder or real estate agent. We believe that our successes are measured by the success of our clients. Compare Invest is driven by our independence and the ability to have our team guide clients, but ultimately, allow them to make their own, well informed decisions.

Hence our motto, “We Guide, You Decide”.