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Executive Team



Tom House

Tom comes from a wheat and sheep farming background, instilling core values of family, value for money and future resourcing.

Tom has been a successful State Manager of a finance and property investment company since completing his Bachelor of Commerce. He has also completed further study in Financial Services, Property and Management to ensure that he can offer clients a holistic package of delivery and industry best advice and strategy.


Tom’s passion and commitment for the industry grew from demonstrating that people can be in control of their financial destiny with well informed, and well intentioned advice. He has seen the wealth portfolio of hundreds of clients develop, while maintaining each clients’ involvement and quality of life. Tom bases his achievements on the progress of his clients on their journey to financial freedom.

 Tom House


Sales Team



Steve Smith 

Steve Smith is an accomplished business professional who has an extensive professional and personal career in business, real estate and international sport.

Over the past 30 years, Steve has bought, managed and sold two retail businesses, with large customer bases, and always been involved in and had a keen eye for property investment.
Steve is keenly aware that financial strength, growth and sound profitability comes from making good investment decisions. His greatest sense of personal achievement is found in building personal relationships and helping others make investment decisions that will benefit their future.


His most acknowledged personal and professional attributes include being an energetic professional with a determination to succeed, as well as being someone who is driven by sound ethics in all personal and professional dealings while maintaining his reputation for operating with integrity and fairness. 


Throughout Steve’s hands-on business career, his successes have resulted from his dedicated commitment to excellence in customer service leading to recognition from his peers as a multiple award winner, both state and nationally, for excellence in business/sales/customer satisfaction.


His sporting career spanned over 20 years at all levels of state, national and international hockey. Steve is now a keenly addicted golfer.



Lulu Kang 

With a career spanning 6 years in the finance profession, Lulu’s passion for property has led her to focus her energy and knowledge on helping people learn how to invest in property to realise their financial potential.

Her work ethic is driven by a desire to help her clients make well-informed property investment decisions, which come from a position of education and transparency. Lulu personally knows the power of property investment and continually strives to share this knowledge with the investors she works with.


Lulu is committed to ensuring that the optimal outcome for the buyer is negotiated in each investment decision. Her dedication to both the profession and each person ensures that her investors receive high quality and unbiased information upon which to make their own informed investment decisions. Her exceptional customer service sets her apart in the industry and her unrelenting high standards of practice and professionalism is what makes Lulu an integral part of the Compare Invest team. 


Lulu’s practice is client centred which recognises that the motto ‘one size fits all’ never applies in investment portfolios. Lulu takes the time, care and dedication to determine the investors’ desires, options and ultimate goals for an investment outcome, to suit their needs and wants. Success in all of these areas is what motivates Lulu to do what she does and continue to build her passion for the investment arena.





International Team



James Williamson

James is experienced across a broad spectrum of industries ranging from mining, foreign exchange and overseas direct investment.

Having lived and studied in Beijing he is well versed with the importance and knowledge of how to facilitate trade and investment with China. James is a member of AMEC, Association of Mining and Exploration Companies and a steering committee member for the InvestWest agriculture alliance. Through his involvement with both Mining and Agriculture he is exposed to some of Western Australia’s most exciting foreign investment and trade opportunities.




Rhys Williamson

Rhys through his variety of roles has direct exposure to the Foreign Exchange industry, most recently specialising in assisting Chinese investors facilitate outbound transfers for direct investment in Australia.

This exposure has given Rhys key networks within the Australian real estate and property development industry that are pivotal to West Link. Rhys holds a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Property and Finance, also having lived in and studied in China he is well positioned to assist Chinese investors within Australia. 



Simon Hu

Simon Hu has completed a Bachelor degree of Finance at Adelaide University and a Master’s degree of Financial Analysis at University of New South Wales.

Simon’s undergraduate and postgraduate studies have given him sound knowledge of all matters relating to finance but further to this the most important knowledge Simon values is his critical thinking, problem solving and leadership skills. Prior to joining Compass Simon has worked as an assistant financial planner.  Having been born in China and frequently returning to China to further service his Chinese clients Simon has a great understanding of how to facilitate and promote trade and assist with Foreign Exchange between both countries.