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We find most people who want to buy an investment property haven’t because they don’t have the time or the background to dig through the mountains of information available online, from family and friends, as well as on TV and the radio.

Our team of licensed professional’s focus on researching, reviewing, understanding and negotiating investment opportunities for you.  In short, we can cut down the time and energy spent by providing you with the completed due diligence and research.  We want to help you outperform the general market by buying in locations with strong growth potential.  From there, it’s entirely up to you, remember “we guide, you decide”.


We often find when people think about investing in property that they would want to purchase within 2-3 kilometres of their home.  It is understandable given you know and like the area, know where the shops and schools are, and know how to get around.  The emotional part of the decision aside, it is crucial to invest with a “business” mindset.  We take a structured, considered approach to the research and due diligence process, to ensure the property meets criteria we need.  If you still feel more comfortable buying in your own suburb, our expert Buyers Agent can help too!