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  • Direct property investment and acquisition – encompassing house and land, apartments and townhouses all over Australia
  • Property Development – Sourcing and negotiating industry leading development sites, engaging developers, architects and builders, and ensuring that the end product is appropriate for the local market
  • Equity Investment – Sourcing and offering to our clients equity opportunities in some of Australia’s leading developments
  • Mortgage Services – Ensuring that our clients loan structures are appropriate both now and into the future
  • Migration and Foreign Exchange – We are partnered with one of Australia’s leading migration and foreign exchange dealers, allowing us to help with visa applications and money transfer from overseas

Review Structures / Debt Management

You wouldn't build a house on poor foundations would you? The same goes for building a property and wealth portfolio without getting the basics right. Our external mortgage brokers will help you identify the most appropriate structures to ensure you are paying your loans down as quickly as possible, as well as being able to build your portfolio should you wish to do so. A simple loan review can save you thousands of dollars over the term of your loan.


Buyers Agency

There has long been an argument about buyer’s agents and whether the pros out weigh the cons. In our mind it’s a pretty simple equation. Engaging a GOOD buyer’s agent is a good idea, however there are some things to look out for! Typically you wouldn’t make a significant investment decision without consulting a financial advisor, or buy a second hand car without speaking to a mechanic. Buying property presents equally significant opportunities and risks, so why act without the proper guidance? Many buyers agents ask for an “engagement fee” or a “set-fee” before they have even delivered an outcome. It is important that they stay motivated to getting you the best deal, and this doesn’t happen if you have already paid them! 



Being up to date with the latest legislative and contractual developments in the property industry is an arduous task. Our referral partner in conveyancing deliver industry leading knowledge and experience to ensure you receive a hassle free property transaction. The conveyancers are independent to any real estate agency or financial institution, which means their clients remain their number one priority.


Property Management

The perceived stress of managing an investment property is sometimes enough to deter even seasoned investors! Our referral partners in property management have a wealth of experience in selecting tenants, conducting rental inspections, collecting rent, and managing tenant relationships. Compare Invest will help you negotiate terms of your agreement with your agent to ensure that you great service, at the right price.